Every Cast Member Confirmed for Kojima Production's OD Game So Far (2024)


  • Kojima Productions announces its horror game OD at The Game Awards, an Xbox-exclusive developed in collaboration with Jordan Peele and expected to utilize Xbox's Cloud.
  • OD's teaser trailer reveals a star-studded cast including Sophia Lillis, Hunter Schafer, and Udo Kier, with rumors of Margaret Qualley's involvement.
  • Kojima Productions will likely reveal more characters in the coming months while fans anticipate news on Death Stranding 2 and other projects.

Kojima Productions has once again made a big splash at The Game Awards with the announcement of its horror title OD. Also known as Overdose, this will be Hideo Kojima's first Xbox-exclusive game, developed in collaboration with renowned horror director Jordan Peele. The game is also reported to be utilizing Xbox's Cloud for a more immersive experience.

There's been a lot of fanfare for Kojima to develop a horror game after the full version of P.T. never saw the light of day due to his falling out with Konami. When the OD trailer premiered during The Game Awards, the excitement among many gamers was undeniable. Not much is known about OD's premise, other than it's said to make players feel what it's like to "OD on fear," but the teaser trailer did reveal the game's star-studded cast.


Hideo Kojima and Jordan Peele Reveal All-Star Cast for Xbox Exclusive Horror Game OD

Hideo Kojima and Jordan Peele appear at The Game Awards 2023 to reveal their Xbox console exclusive horror game OD and its all-star cast.

The Confirmed Cast of Kojima's OD So Far

Kojima Productions has yet to reveal the names of OD's characters, and the role they'll play in the horror game. What can be surmised based on the teaser trailer is that they might be participating in a terrifying experiment. OD's teaser trailer introduced three prominent actors:

Sophia Lillis

Every Cast Member Confirmed for Kojima Production's OD Game So Far (3)

Best known for her role as Beverly Marsh in It and It Chapter Two, Sophia Lillis has been acclaimed for her ability to bring authenticity and intensity into her acting. Her performance in the renowned horror franchise makes her the perfect addition to Kojima's OD. Apart from horror movies, Lillis also appeared in the coming-of-age Netflix series I Am Not Okay With This, and played .

Hunter Schafer

Every Cast Member Confirmed for Kojima Production's OD Game So Far (4)

Trans actress and model Hunter Schafer rose to fame when she played Jules Vaugh in Euphoria, alongside Zendaya. Her memorable performance in the teen drama eventually landed her the role of Tigris Snow in , which premiered last November to overwhelming praise. Outside of acting, Schafer is touted as an LGBTQ+ icon for advocating for her community.

Udo Kier

Every Cast Member Confirmed for Kojima Production's OD Game So Far (5)

Veteran actor Udo Kier has appeared in hundreds of films spanning almost 60 years. He played Baron von Frankenstein in 1973's Flesh for Frankenstein and Count Dracula in 1974's Blood for Dracula. Later in his career, Kier dabbled in video game acting, with one of his most iconic roles being Yuri in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and Command & Conquer:Yuri's Revenge.

Rumored OD Cast Member

Margaret Qualley

Every Cast Member Confirmed for Kojima Production's OD Game So Far (6)

Earlier this year, there were rumors that OD would feature model and actress Margaret Qualley. This started after a leak was sent to a Discord server, allegedly showing Qualley during the early stages of the horror game.

Qualley previously starred in Death Stranding as Mama, who is the co-creator of the Chiral Network and considered one of the greatest scientists of the UCA. She might also reprise her role in Death Stranding 2, which is expected drop sometime in 2025 or earlier. While it's possible that Kojima Productions tapped her again to star in OD, the developer neither confirmed nor denied her involvement in the game.

There was no release date provided for OD, so Kojima Productions will likely tease more characters in the coming months. It's also possible that Peele might have a hand in choosing the actors for OD to offer a compelling and terrifying storyline, though this is just speculation, as fans are waiting for more info about how exactly Peele is influencing the project. Fans of Kojima's games might also want to keep an eye out on news about other Kojima Productions projects, like Death Stranding 2 and other unnamed titles.

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Every Cast Member Confirmed for Kojima Production's OD Game So Far (2024)


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