Get to know these exciting bike engine parts name list (2024)

When we talk bikes, we talk speed, sturdy, smoothness and stability. These are the four trademark ‘S’ that are celebrated in the world of motorbikes and bikers. Bikers all around the world look for these characteristic trademarks before making any purchase for their motorbikes. But, only a few of us pay attention to the core, the origin of these trademarks and that is the engine of the bike. Yes, you read that right that an engine is supposed to take the responsibility for basically any parameters that define a bike’s grandeur.

Now that we understand the criticality of a bike engine, let us get into its internal functioning and technicality. Let us reimagine the engine of the bike as the brain of the vehicle. We can rightly call it the control center of the machine, right? Now what happens in a brain is that different parts of a brain are responsible for different sets of tasks. Each of the parts in the brain need to be perfectly in coordination with each other in order to carry out the functions properly. Similar is the situation with a bike’s engine. There are different parts inside the engine of the bike and each of these parts is responsible for a different set of tasks. Until these parts coordinate with each other, all functions of a bike cannot be carried out well.

Let us get to know some bike engine parts names that provide a huge helping hand in the functioning of the bike and its engine.

Bike Engine Parts Name That Work Wonders

1. Cylinder Heads

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As we have already discussed, that engine plays a very critical role in any vehicle. Even a bike, just like any other non-electric vehicle, is powered by internal combustion in an engine. Parallel to the process of respiration, fuel like petrol or diesel is put subject to combustion. This combustion pushes the other parts of the engine that help in the locomotion of the vehicle as a whole.

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As far as a cylinder head is concerned, it is one of the several parts of a bike engine that is manufactured with either cast iron or aluminium alloy. Their function is to keep the fuel intact in the engine cylinder itself. This function is performed by sealing the top of the engine cylinder that makes the combustion of fuel safe and confined.

If the fuel accidentally leaks out of the engine cylinder because of any abnormality in cylinder heads then it might be dangerous for the bike as well as the biker. Any problem in the cylinder heads can also lead to problems in exhaust that is propulsion of smoke from the cylinder. Hence, we can say that a cylinder head is critically useful among all other bike engine parts names.

2. Cylinders

Cylinders play the central role in the complete bike engine parts name list. You cannot even think of a working condition of your bike as long as the cylinders are not properly working. It can be a complete disaster if the cylinders of an engine do not work and can also lead to dangerous accidents on the road.

Usually the cylinder of an engine is made up of such material that can withstand extremely high temperatures as the fuel undergoes combustion inside the cylinders. The material most commonly used in the manufacture of cylinders is cast iron as it can withstand temperatures up to several thousand degrees. Another important function of a cylinder is to create an airtight sealed area in order to allow free movement of pistons inside it.

Any ordinary bike engine can have up to six cylinders for the combustion of fuel. However, we also come across bikes with one, two and three combustion cylinders inside their engines at times. Such bike engines are not as powerful as the standard engine with six cylinders but they do have their use in certain situations.

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3. Pistons

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Pistons help in the motion of connecting rods in a to and fro, oscillating movement upwards and downwards. As the pistons move only upwards and downwards, the connecting rods are bent to move sideways. The materials that are most commonly used in making piston are steel alloys combined with either some aluminium or cast iron along with nickel. Pistons help in transferring all the energy generated from combustion to the connecting rods altogether.

If due to some tragic events, a piston breaks then it can lead to deadly accidents and it is advised to abandon your vehicle and quit driving at that very moment. Therefore, we conclude that a piston is as important as any other bike engine parts name.

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4. Connecting Rods

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We have discussed above the functioning of piston and connecting rod but there is a further connection that we are yet to discover. We know all these bike engine parts names that we discuss work in coordination with each other in order to carry out a set list of functions. But in order to fulfill this purpose, they need to have a very strong inter-connection where each part is connected to the other in a chronological order.

Let us understand this connection in its depth. Connecting rods form a firm bridge between pistons and another important bike engine parts name, crankshaft. As the pistons carry out their signature upwards and downwards motion, the connecting rods move in a rotating motion simultaneously. This rotation of the connecting rods further helps in the rotation of the crankshaft. Usually, manufacturers make use of titanium or aluminium in the manufacture of connecting rods.

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5. Crankshaft

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The complete kinetics and dynamics of the crankshaft as a system with pistons and connecting rods is discussed in the previous section. It is the rotation of the crankshaft that created the rotatory motion in the wheels of the bike. Thus, it is the most important bike engine parts name that sets off the complete bike into motion.

It is observed that not all pistons move at the same time simultaneously. The different timing in the movement of different pistons set off a rhythmic motion in the complete system. This requires a special demand from the crankshaft and that is the reason each crankshaft has a different and unique shape.

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6. Spark Plugs

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Yet another critical part of the combustion engine system in our bikes, spark plugs play a very important role. Clear from the name itself, spark plugs create a spark which rises the temperature to the ignition temperature of the fuel in the cylinders. Air present in the cylinder further catalyzes the process of combustion and thus chemical energy is converted into mechanical energy.

If a spark plug does not work then your bike engine would not work either. They are easily replaceable but essential bike engine parts name that you cannot do away with.

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7. Engine Valves

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Engine valves are next in priority in our bike engine parts name list. These valves control the passage of air and fuel in and out of the cylinder as air is very necessary for the process of combustion. They also help in expulsion of smoke and fumes that are produced as the result of combustion. If you keep your engine valves in check then you can successfully keep a track on the combustion activities and efficiency of the cylinders as well.

Professionals advise to adjust the engine valves after regular intervals in order to prevent any severe damage.

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8. Cooling System

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It is no bummer that bikes heat up when working therefore a cooling system is needed to cool down the engine. This heating up is caused by burning of the fuel in order to produce mechanical energy for the bike. If the engine overheats then it can cause serious damage to the engine and the bike. The cooling system in the engine of the motorbike are of the following types

  • Air Cooling System
  • Liquid Cooling System

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9. Battery

Battery is a very important part of bike engine parts name list. It is almost the central act of the functioning of a bike engine. Basically the role of the battery is to provide electrical energy to the ignition system which further converts the chemical energy into mechanical energy. Battery also gives power to the headlights. There are other unlisted sets of tasks that are fulfilled by the battery itself.


Now that we have reached the end of our discussion, we came to a realization that each and every component in the bike engine parts name list is as important as the other and you cannot really discriminate one from the other. We hope that this column of discussion proved to be insightful and informational for you. We look forward to discussing more of such critical topics in the world of automobiles with you right here next time. Until then, Adios!

Get to know these exciting bike engine parts name list (2024)


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