Lotto America | Draw Details and How to Play (2024)

Lotto America is a multi-state game that offers big jackpots three times a week, with the draws taking place on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights at 10:15pm ET.

Tickets cost $1 and the game offers a starting jackpot of $2 million, which grows every draw and returns to $2 million once that jackpot has been won. You can play in 15 states across the US: Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Latest Draw

Saturday, June 15 2024

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  • 36
  • 49
  • 1
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Lotto America Overview

There are 62 total balls for every draw, balls 1-52 are normal white balls and the remaining 10 are the ‘Star Balls’ numbered from 1-10.

To play, you have to pick five main numbers from the range of 1 to 52, plus a Star Ball from the separate set of 1 to 10. You must match all your numbers with those drawn to win the jackpot, although there are nine prize tiers in total in which to win.

Lotto America winners can claim an annuity payment or a one-time lump sum payout upon winning the jackpot prize.

Draw Days:Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Ticket Price:$1
Prize Multiplier:All-Star Bonus (2, 3, 4 or 5x)
Starting Jackpot:$2 million
Biggest Jackpot:$40.03 million

Lotto America & Powerball Comparison

Draw Days

Starting Jackpot

Record Jackpot

Ticket Price

Next Jackpot

Lotto America | Draw Details and How to Play (1)

Lotto America

3x Weekly

$2 Million

$40.03 Million


$3.19 Million

Lotto America | Draw Details and How to Play (2)


3x Weekly

$20 Million

$2.04 Billion


$44 Million

Lotto America Prize Table

Prize LevelPayoutOdds of WinningWinners in Last DrawAvg. Winners Per Draw
Match 5 + Star BallJackpot1 in 25,989,600 0 0
Match 5$20,0001 in 2,887,733 0 0.1
Match 4 + Star Ball$1,0001 in 110,594 4 2.9
Match 4$1001 in 12,288 27 25.9
Match 3 + Star Ball$201 in 2,404 103 132.5
Match 3$51 in 267 868 1,186.3
Match 2 + Star Ball$51 in 160 1,509 1,980
Match 1 + Star Ball$21 in 29 8,308 10,900.1
Match Star Ball Only$21 in 17 14,807 18,774.1
The overall Lotto America odds are approx. 1 in 9.6

How to Play Lotto America

You must mark off five main numbers from a pool of 52 and a single Star Ball from ten to play Lotto America. Each line costs $1, although you can add the All-Star Bonus option for a further $1, which multiplies non-jackpot prizes.

You can also indicate which draw day you want to enter and, if your state allows advance play, the number of weeks you wish for your ticket to remain active.

There is a $2 prize for matching the Star Ball alone, with payouts increasing as you match more numbers. Match all six balls selected to win the jackpot, which grows by at least $50,000 every time a draw goes by without a winner.

Ticket cut-off times vary between states, as does the period in which you must collect any Lotto America prizes won.

Participating States

The initial 13 participating Lotto America states all used to take part in Hot Lotto before it ended in October 2017. The only Hot Lotto state not to join Lotto America at the launch in November 2017 was New Hampshire, even though the NH Lottery Commission looked at adding the game to their slate of lottery options, Lotto America remains indefinitely postponed in the state. Mississippi and Nebraska joined Lotto America in May 2024, taking the total number of participating states to 15.

All-Star Bonus

All Star Bonus is a multiplier that boosts the value of all Lotto America prizes except the jackpot by two, three, four or five times. You must opt in to the additional game when you buy your ticket; you cannot add it on afterwards.

The value of the multiplier in a draw is determined at random before the main draw takes place and all players who added All Star Bonus to their ticket receive the same multiplier for prizes they may win.

This table shows each possible prize value, depending on which multiplier is drawn.

Numbers MatchedBase Prize5x4x3x2x
Match 5 + Star BallJackpotJackpotJackpotJackpotJackpot
Match 5$20,000$100,000$80,000$60,000$40,000
Match 4 + Star Ball$1,000$5,000$4,000$3,000$2,000
Match 4$100$500$400$300$200
Match 3 + Star Ball$20$100$80$60$40
Match 3$5$25$20$15$10
Match 2 + Star Ball$5$25$20$15$10
Match 1 + Star Ball$2$10$8$6$4
Match Star Ball Only$2$10$8$6$4

The following table shows the odds of each All-Star Bonus multiplier being drawn.

All-Star BonusOdds of Being Drawn
5x1 in 10.67
4x1 in 8
3x1 in 3.2
2x1 in 2.1


Biggest Lotto America Jackpot

Lotto America | Draw Details and How to Play (3)Jackpot: $40.03 Billion

Lotto America | Draw Details and How to Play (4)Date: April 1st, 2023

Lotto America | Draw Details and How to Play (5)Winners: 1x (IA)

Earl Lape took home the biggest win in Lotto America history on the infamous “April Fool’s Day” in 2023, scooping over $40m in a jackpot that had been rolling over for well over a year. Earl, 61, a retired mechanic, took the cash lump sum option of $21.28 million and plans to invest his winnings for help his family for generations to come, along with making large donations to local charities.


The original Lotto America ran from 1988 until 1992, when it was replaced by Powerball. The Multi-State Lottery Association retained the rights to the name and, when it was decided that Hot Lotto would come to an end, Lotto America was relaunched. The first draw after the revamp took place on Wednesday 15th November 2017, and a player from Minnesota became the first jackpot winner under the new rules when they landed $22.8 million on 15th March 2018. In July 2022 Lotto America followed in the footsteps of Powerball and added an additional drawing on a Monday night. A player from Iowa set a new record for the biggest win in April 2023, banking $40.03 million.

Lotto America Quick Stats

We have collated the hot and cold Lotto America numbers for you right here- meaning these are the numbers that have been drawn fequently recently and those that have been missing for a while. You can access more Lotto America stats by using the button below.

Hot Numbers

  • 38
  • 51
  • 1
  • 30
  • 16

Cold Numbers

  • 20
  • 28
  • 42
  • 13
  • 7

See more Lotto America stats

Lotto America | Draw Details and How to Play (2024)


How do you win with Lotto America? ›

The Lotto America jackpot grows until its won. Players win a prize by matching one of the 9 ways to win. The jackpot is won by matching all five red balls in any order and the blue Star Ball.

How do you play Lotto effectively? ›

Lottery experts agree that the number one way to boost your chance of getting a winning ticket is to just get more tickets. Even though the probability of winning the lottery is low in general, the greater the amount of tickets you have, the more likely it is that one of these tickets will be the winner.

Is there a pattern to the lottery? ›

Of course, no matter how you pick your lottery numbers, the draw is always totally random. While there is no method to guarantee a win (otherwise we'd all be millionaires!)

How do you win the lottery strategically? ›

“The only way to really increase the odds of winning any lottery is to buy more tickets. The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win,” Kapoor said. “I've seen it all and those tips are usually technically true but useless, or are just not true,” said Lesser, who maintains a website on lottery literacy.

How much prize for 3 numbers in Lotto? ›

4 Matching Numbers3rd Prize800.00
4th Prize20.00
3 Matching Numbers4th Prize20.00
10 more rows

How much will you win if you get 5 numbers in Lotto? ›

6 Matching NumbersTOTAL PRIZE AMOUNT
5 Matching Numbers2nd Prize32,000.00
3rd Prize1,000.00
4th Prize30.00
10 more rows

Is there a trick to playing Lotto? ›

To better your chances of winning any lottery, you have to buy more tickets, he said. The more tickets, the more chances of choosing the right combination of numbers. But Kapoor is cautious about describing that as improving your odds.

What is the best lottery number picking strategy? ›

In particular, pick random numbers. If you pick your favorite number or the day of your birthday like the 7th, which is the day of the next drawing, many people can be doing the same and that puts a lot of numbers between 1 and 31. Picking your own numbers doesn't change the odds of winning.

What are the 6 most common winning lottery numbers? ›

The most frequently drawn winning numbers from the main barrel are 17, 7, 11, 2, 3 and 9, while the least frequently drawn are 33, 15, 34, 31, 26 and 1. The most frequently drawn Powerball numbers are 19 and 2, while the least frequently drawn Powerball numbers are 14 and 16.

How to win lottery mathematically? ›

There is only one known way to ensure winning the jackpot. That is to buy at least one lottery ticket for every possible number combination. For example, one has to buy 13,983,816 different tickets to ensure to win the jackpot in a 6/49 game.

What is the formula for winning the lottery? ›

Understand the calculations involved.

To find the odds of winning any lottery, divide the number of winning lottery numbers by the total number of possible lottery numbers. If the numbers are chosen from a set and the order of the numbers doesn't matter, use the formula. r ! ( n − r ) !

What is the formula for predicting lottery numbers? ›

There is no mathematical formula or method that can accurately predict the winning numbers in a lottery. Lotteries are typically designed to be random and based on chance, making it impossible to predict the outcome with certainty. Each number in a lottery draw is usually drawn independently and randomly.

What is the smartest way to play the lottery? ›

  1. Mix Even & Odd Numbers. ...
  2. Split Between Low & High Numbers. ...
  3. Add Up Those Numbers. ...
  4. Buy More Than One Ticket. ...
  5. Don't Group Your Numbers Together. ...
  6. Don't Repeat Winning Numbers. ...
  7. Try Doing The Easy Pick Yourself.

Who won the lottery 14 times? ›

In the 1990s, Romanian-Australian economist Stefan Mandel and his small team entered the lottery and won. Over and over and over again. The feat, of course, wasn't achieved through having a really lucky set of numbers.

How can I increase my chances of winning the lottery? ›

Tips for Winning a Lottery Jackpot: Play Regularly: The more often you play, the higher your chances of winning, but always play responsibly and within your budget. Diversify Your Numbers: Don't limit yourself to dates like birthdays and anniversaries, which restrict your choices to numbers below 31.

What is the minimum jackpot for the Lotto America? ›

Lotto America® jackpots start at $2 million and there are nine ways to win.

What happens when you win the lottery in America? ›

Cash lotteries are administered by state governments to raise revenue for the state. Lottery winners can claim their winnings in one lump sum payment or annual payments over time. Lottery winnings are treated as regular income and subject to state and federal income taxes.

How many numbers do you need to win a prize in NY Lotto? ›

Five numbers from 1 through 39 are drawn. First prize rolls down if there is no 5-of-5 winner. Matching 5, 4, or 3 numbers wins a parimutuel cash prize; matching 2 numbers wins a free Take 5 play.

How do American lotteries work? ›

Winning the lottery starts with buying a ticket. The biggest prizes are awarded in Mega Millions and Powerball. Each player picks a series of numbers that they hope will be randomly selected during the next drawing. The jackpot goes to the person (or people) who pick all six numbers correctly.


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