What is a Love Triangle? Everything You Need To Know (2024)

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What is a love triangle? Types of Love Triangles 1. The competitive type 2. The confusion type What if there are more than three people involved? Love Triangle History Why do love triangles happen? 1. It’s a mutual arrangement 2. Someone is sexually dissatisfied 3. Someone is jealous and suspicious 4. You both lack personal space 5. You found a new love How would you find yourself in the love triangle? Things you must know about love triangle 1. You need mutual feelings for a love triangle 2. Relationships suffer from love triangles 3. People don’t do it intentionally 4. The idea is always selfish 5. There’s always pain and excitement 6. It might happen even if you don’t want How to deal with a love triangle? 1. Find out your role 2. Sit for an honest conversation 3. Find out the triangle’s purpose in your life 4. Think about the possibilities 5. Stand your ground and take responsibility 6. Understand your feelings 7. Channel your feelings wisely 8. Stop over analyzing 9. Try to move on 10. Speak to a counselor How to get out of a love triangle? – Dos and Don’ts 1. Seek out a trusted aid 2. Distract yourself temporarily 3. Be fair to your partner 4. Step forward with a straightforward attitude 5. Prepare yourself mentally 6. Don’t suppress your feelings 7. Don’t prioritize others’ expectations 8. Don’t threaten them with the relationship 9. Don’t delay the decisions too far 10. Don’t try to keep both To the one in love with two, To the third party, To the faithfully committed partner, Things to do when you’re in a Love Triangle 1. Think about your next step 2. Be optimistic; no negative self-talk 3. Respect both of their feelings 4. Have a one-night stand 5. Try dating once again Love Triangle and Marriage 1. Husband. Wife. Wife’s partner. 2. Husband. Wife. Husband’s partner. Love Triangles and Movies or TV shows Why do love triangles work in TV shows or movies? 20 Best Love Triangles in TV and Movies 1. Friends 2. Dawson’s Creek 3. The O.C. 4. Scandal 5. Friday Night Lights 6. Sex and the City 7. Younger 8. One Tree Hill 9. Gossip Girl 10. Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason 11. Beverly Hills, 90210 12. While You Were Sleeping 13. Titanic 14. Love Actually 15. Alex Strangelove 16. Sweet Home Alabama 17. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse 18. The Notebook 19. Dostana 20. My Best Friend’s Wedding 20 Books on Love Triangles that you must read 1. Love & Other Natural Disasters (Misa Sugiura) 2. Blackout (Dhonielle Clayton, Tiffany D. Jackson, Nic Stone, Angie Thomas, Ashley Woodfolk, and Nicola Yoon) 3. Loveboat, Taipei (Abigail Hing Wen) 4. If You, Then Me (Yvonne Woon) 5. Hot British Boyfriend (Kristy Boyce) 6. Felix Ever After (Kacen Callender) 7. The Beholder (Anna Bright) 8. Love in English (Maria E. Andreu) 9. The Selection (Kiera Cass) 10. Beautiful Wild (Anna Godbersen) 11. 99 Days by Katie Cotugno 12. Faith: Taking Flight (Julie Murphy) 13. Clockwork Angel (Cassandra Clare) 14. Furyborn (Claire Legrand) 15. The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins) 16. When We Caught Fire (Anna Godbersen) 17. Delirium (Lauren Oliver) 18. The Crown’s Game (Evelyn Skye) 19. Vampire Academy (Richelle Mead) 20. Red Queen (Victoria Aveyard) A word from ThePleasantRelationship References

Are you or a loved one involved in a love triangle? Did you fall for a committed person? Or, did you find your partner cheating on you? Or are you at the center of two people’s affections?

Whatever your role may be, love triangles aren’t easy to deal with… because even if you enjoy two people’s love, the guilt is consuming your soul. For the other two roles, their lives are even more miserable.

Loving isn’t a sin, being fickle-minded is… however, what’s the point of moping over the past?

So, with hopes for more exclusivity and lesser mess in the future, let’s begin…

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What is a love triangle?

Types of Love Triangles

What if there are more than three people involved?

Love Triangle History

Why do love triangles happen?

How would you find yourself in the love triangle?

Things you must know about love triangle

How to deal with a love triangle?

How to get out of a love triangle? – Dos and Don’ts

Things to do when you’re in a Love Triangle

Love Triangle and Marriage

Love Triangles and Movies or TV shows

Why do love triangles work in TV shows or movies?

20 Best Love Triangles in TV and Movies

20 Books on Love Triangles that you must read

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

What is a love triangle?

A love triangle is a sticky love situation where one person loves two or more people. The other two also reciprocate their feelings. The two suitors have a rivalry relationship, so it’s not the same as throuples.

A love triangle is a complicated situation in a sexual, romantic, and/or emotional relationship between more than two people.

For instance, woman A and woman B both like man X. Meanwhile, man X isn’t sure about his feelings about either woman. He takes his time casually seeing both in secret.

Some might mistake the TRIANGLE as mutual love with all three parties involved – throuple.

However, two sides of the TRIANGLE imply the two women loving the same man. And the third side implies the competitive relationship between these women for the man’s attention.

Obviously, people of any gender and sexuality may get involved in a love triangle.

This love situation is quite frustrating… because so long the triangle exists, there are waves of extreme joy or sorrow.

Think it’s just another name for cheating? Not really, it really depends on the situation. Let’s know more here…

Types of Love Triangles

A person can be the center of love triangles whether they’re in a relationship or not. You don’t always need a committed partner to be involved in.

Sometimes you may get involved in one even though you didn’t want to actively. Let’s know more about it here…

1. The competitive type

This one is when both person A and person B fight for person X’s love and attention. Here, person X didn’t commit to anybody yet. There’s no firm relationship with either of them.

2. The confusion type

Here, person A and person X are in love with an established relationship. However, person X is a bit confused about his feelings as they also like person B.

But does that mean there are only three people in love triangles? Let’s know more here…

What if there are more than three people involved?

A love triangle may happen when you have two lovers or even five. It’s called a triangle for the sake of simplicity. But you may call it whatever depending on your situation.

As mentioned before, love triangles happen between more than two people. So, it might involve three people or six.

Theoretically, you may call this kind of complication between…

Four people: Love quadrant; Six people: Love hexagon; Eight people: Love octagon.

However, love isn’t always logical itself… so there’s no strict rule to define it. So, universally everyone calls it a love triangle for the sake of simplicity.

Curious when it all began? Let’s know it from the…

Love Triangle History

Love triangles were possible back in the stone age, in Greek mythologies, and even Biblical stories.

Love was always in the air, so it’s possible even Stone Age man experienced it. Back when language wasn’t well-developed, it was harder to form romantic relationships.

They might understand love and possessiveness… but with illustrations alone, they might not understand the middle person’s feelings.

Some more specific and popular examples are the relationship between

Jacob, Leah, and Rachel in the Bible: Jacob loved Rachel, but his father-in-law manipulated him to marry her sister Leah.

Ariadne, Theseus, and Dionysus in Greek mythology: Ariadne was Dionysus, but she fell in love with Theseus. She rescued Theseus out of the Minotaur maze as a reward for marrying her.

Wondering why it even gets like this? Let’s know it here…

Why do love triangles happen?

Most of the time, there’s no strict reason behind love triangles. Though sticky, awkward, and plain painful, this situation might come in almost everyone’s life.

Or, it might be because of your relationship situation. So let’s know more here…

1. It’s a mutual arrangement

Sometimes, couples don’t have as many feelings for one another. They probably neither love nor hate one another. They know they can’t work things out till the end.

However, they decide to stick around forever to avoid certain complications. This happens more in married couples… like those in forced arranged marriages, usually for business or power alliance.

Each spouse looks for lovers to be happy individually.

2. Someone is sexually dissatisfied

Mismatched libido is a usual scene in most relationships. Some take the compromise highway, others seek satisfaction elsewhere.

Blame it on traits, but an inclination for polygamous relationships is wired in human beings. It always existed back in the time.

Many people assume that men want it more because polygyny was more well-known.

However, civilized men don’t jump into sexual relationships at every instance. It’s a possibility for people of any gender.

3. Someone is jealous and suspicious

If you caught your partner cheating on you, you may not trust them anymore. You’ll feel jealous of the other man/woman getting more affection than you… from your partner.

If the partner continues cheating, that’s already a love triangle.

Sometimes, people commit infidelity out of curiosity… but all in vain. Sex with someone else is nothing great, yet it destroys relationships.

Out of jealousy and heartbreak, you may also seek love elsewhere. This makes you the center of another love triangle.

4. You both lack personal space

Do either of you judge the other’s choices?

Perhaps gaming is your passion, but your partner says it’s childish and useless? Or does your partner love shopping and you criticize them for spending so much?

Many couples have such dynamics because they want to “help their partner grow”.

When one partner invades the other’s personal space – too far and too frequently – they’ll naturally seek love outside.

5. You found a new love

Sometimes, married couples fall apart. They feel insecure, undesirable, and doubt themselves. Due to the lack of expressions of love, people feel lonely.

During desperate times, falling in love is the easiest. They might find love that supports them suitably.

Wondering whether you’re in a love triangle? Let’s clear it up here…

How would you find yourself in the love triangle?

If you love two people at the same time and both of them reciprocate your feelings, only then you can say you’re in a love triangle. Your or your admirer’s one-sided crush isn’t eligible for it.

A love triangle is when you have romantic and/or sexual connections with at least two people at the same time. Or, when you romantically love someone, they return your feelings… yet they started dating someone else.

If you have a crush on someone who likes someone else or is in a relationship… that’s not a love triangle.

Suppose you’re in a healthy loving relationship and only have eyes for your partner and vice versa. Your friend falling in love with you doesn’t make it a love triangle… so long you don’t love them back.

Whether you’re already on this path or might be, you better know these…

Things you must know about love triangle

In western society, you’ll find lots of entertainment bits in this. Story Writers love to romanticize this concept… However, it’s never as flowery as it seems.

In fact, there are so many hidden sides to it that the media doesn’t disclose. So, let’s reveal the secrets here…

1. You need mutual feelings for a love triangle

A love triangle is when…

You reciprocate the feelings of a taken person towards you. Or, you’re taken yet you love someone else and they reciprocate your feelings.

In such a situation, if you like someone, but they didn’t return your feelings, that’s unrequited love. It never grew to be a love triangle.

In love triangles, the one committing adultery and the outsider, both are at fault simultaneously.

2. Relationships suffer from love triangles

Suppose person A and person B are married to one another. Person B has an affair with person C.

If person C is single, it might end with heartbreak or they might win over person B.

If person B wants to get out of the marriage, it’s really cool… there’s no confusion at all and only one possibility of this situation.

However, if person B still holds affections and feelings for A, the troubles begin there. If B doesn’t want to leave A, C will leave. However, B wants both people in their life. They’ll lie to continue their adulterous life and hurt their partner – whom they allegedly love.

B tries their best to keep both boats afloat. They might even pick out downsides about their relationship. But when C walks out of the scene… those relationship flaws and downsides won’t disappear.

B holds a warped notion about the existing relationship. To say the least, A also is hurt. The relationship is ruined for good unless A and B stay dedicated beyond belief.

3. People don’t do it intentionally

In the beginning, love triangles are about distraction and novelty. The rush in new relationships is always more exciting than old ones.

Initially, everyone thinks it won’t become anything major, but they unexpectedly fall in love.

That’s when they ponder more on this idea. “What if I can have them both? I do have feelings for them, and they both love me back… so why not?” Such thoughts lead you to love triangles… even if you don’t wait for it.

4. The idea is always selfish

If you’re cheating on your partner… or you’re the partner of someone committed… you might feel there’s no harm because the taken one (you or your partner) still loves their committed partner.

However, put yourself in their shoes. Would you like to be cheated on? If you don’t, you’re just selfish. Your emotions are all over the place… and that hurts your partner beyond imagination.

If you really love and prioritize your partner… you’ll feel guilty even when you fall for another. However, if you still don’t change, you’re no less selfish.

5. There’s always pain and excitement

Love triangles, because of the secrecy and risk, are lots of fun for the person cheating and the outsider. The pleasure along with the thought of being caught… they’re the perfect mixture for an adrenaline rush.

However, for the one who’s been cheated on… it’s the lowest time of their life. Their partner prioritizes someone else over them, feels more comfortable and happy without them, and in general avoids them.

This instills doubt and crumbles their confidence. Further, when the adulterous relationship becomes old, the cheating one realizes their actions. They too feel pained and guilty.

6. It might happen even if you don’t want

TBH, love happens unexpectedly even before you realize it. You may indulge in a friendly conversation or enjoy a passionate competition… if you spend time with someone doing something you both love, there’s a slim chance.

Unintentionally, you may become infatuated with their glamor. But so long you take every step to stop this, you’re a great person.

So, never feel ashamed of your feelings and find the one person you wanna be with.

Clear your confusion, else you’ll hurt three souls at once.

Found yourself in a love triangle? Don’t know what to do? Let’s find out all here…

How to deal with a love triangle?

To deal with a love triangle, despite your role in the relationship, needs lots of patience. This road is thorny and always ends with heartbreaks.

Once someone treads on this path, there’s no way to return. And even if they do, it doesn’t make the best relationship. So, let’s know how to step forward here…

1. Find out your role

First, assess if it’s a split object or rivalrous type relationship.

If it’s a split object, you have feelings for two people. However, you may have a crush on someone who doesn’t know you. They might not have feelings for you, so it might not be a love triangle at all.

If it’s rivalrous, you’re competing with others for someone’s love. If this someone is your committed partner, then they’re clearly cheating on you.

But if you still wanna make it work, then

2. Sit for an honest conversation

Understand what led you to this point? If you don’t know the reasons for this situation, this might happen again. It’s undoubtedly hard, but being honest in this situation will prevent further pain.

Is everyone aware of the love triangle? Or if someone is unaware, then they’re a victim of this situation.

Perhaps, you travel a lot for work. Probably you felt too lonely and gave into the temptation of a fling?

Or, do you lose self-control after using substances? Sometimes, intoxication makes a person lose their sense of right and wrong.

3. Find out the triangle’s purpose in your life

Even if it’s unhealthy, every relationship has a purpose in your life. So, why are you stuck in a love triangle? Does it boost your confidence or divert your mind from other pain?

For split objects: Do you feel secure loving two people? Perhaps you have a fear of being abandoned? Or is it for emotional or sexual satisfaction?

For rivalry: Do you like the drama? Are you afraid of forming deeper intimate connections?

Or, do you feel sexually excited about cheating on your partner?

4. Think about the possibilities

You may or may not stay in a love triangle. It fizzles down to what everyone wants.

If your partner is cheating on you, you can’t standstill. Don’t force yourself to stay back. Decide on how you want to lead your life. Your partner already did the deed… so don’t ponder on what should have been done.

Don’t stay back to satisfy others or for financial stability. You’ll be happier if you leave this relationship behind. If you can’t find your way out, seek a counselor.

However, if your partner abuses you due to the love triangle, seek help from friends and family or contact the national domestic violence hotline @1.800.799.7233 or 1.800.787.3224 or 911.

5. Stand your ground and take responsibility

If you love two people at once, with whom do you connect better? Whose personality attracts you more? Who do you have more in common with? Who is more compatible with you? Choose this person to move on.

If you have an extramarital affair and your spouse knows about it, polyamory is always possible.

It’s your life, don’t let your partner’s decisions drive your life. Do what you want and stick to your decision.

6. Understand your feelings

You will experience random and indescribable emotions. You might feel guilty, confused, lonely, pressurized, or even torn apart between two lovers.

You’re not bad to want two people simultaneously. Don’t try to judge yourself based on feelings. Feelings change so before you make a regrettable decision, don’t forget to think hard.

If the thought of leaving one person hurts you more than the other, you may feel “that’s the one”. But your feelings may change, so take time to understand them.

7. Channel your feelings wisely

Whether you’re the third party or the faithful spouse, you might hate your love rival. You might also be the center of the triangle and feel guilty, confused, and angry at yourself.

Don’t hurt anybody to feel better yourself. Channel your emotions into a journal. Cry your heart out, express your pain to loved ones, and take space and time away from your lover.

Go on long walks, exercise, meditate, go on a vacation… do everything to let off steam. You’re not weak to do this, you’re wise.

8. Stop over analyzing

Don’t give in to negative self-talk. Whether you fell for a committed person, fell for a third party, or stayed back too long with your adulterous partner… don’t let your guilt consume you.

Recognize your feelings and get over them. Don’t deny or hide them.

Don’t think that after separating your days will turn bleak. Leave the future to it, take the best course of action now. You’ll eventually find the best future.

9. Try to move on

Break up from the relationship if it doesn’t work out. Whether it’s because your spouse won’t leave their lover, your lover won’t leave their spouse, or your lover or the third party won’t stand it.

You can’t force a relationship against your or anybody else’s will. Though you’re miserable now, this pain will soon subside. Accept that the relationship is over… let this pain sink in and stop denying it.

Stop thinking about the glorious past. Rather, build a glorious present and future.

10. Speak to a counselor

Schedule a counselor’s appointment if any of the following happens…

  • You’re troubled over how to proceed with your relationships
  • You can’t function normally in life
  • You’re addicted to sex
  • You experienced quite a few love triangles in your life
  • You behave violently towards others or yourself after the separation.

You no longer want to be a part of this toxic love triangle? Great! But to do this properly with the help of…

How to get out of a love triangle? – Dos and Don’ts

Human beings are emotional and take the worst actions when it involves their feelings and pride.

Love triangles target both and obviously, you lose your senses to a fit of rage or your carnal desires. So, let’s know what you must and mustn’t do while you walk away…

1. Seek out a trusted aid

Love triangles are dramatic and you will go through a lot.

Whatever your role is in this drama, even your partner(s) might not understand you all the time. So talk to someone who’ll listen to you without judging. Get some advice and think over it.

2. Distract yourself temporarily

If you think too deeply, you might not find an answer at all. You can’t take the best steps in your life when you’re agitated. Take time away from this life before you answer these…

Do you wanna stay with your adulterous partner? Do you wanna leave your spouse for your lover? Or, do you wanna snatch away this committed partner from their relationship?

3. Be fair to your partner

Why are you in love with two people? Do you wanna keep them back as an option? Are you worried that your stable partner will leave you, so you want someone else to depend on?

You might not be in love with either partner. Treat them respectfully and if someone disrespects you, leave them… don’t stretch the relationship because of your own insecurity.

4. Step forward with a straightforward attitude

Don’t wanna be a part of a love triangle? Did your partner force you to stay back? You don’t have to!

Think giving your adulterous partner will set them straight? Or, do you think they’ll come out of a marriage… even though you told them for months but they didn’t?

If you don’t want a polyamorous or open relationship, say it out loud.

5. Prepare yourself mentally

Love triangles never end in the best way. So, whatever your role is in the relationship, prepare to be hurt. Your partner might leave you for a more stable life.

Even if you open a relationship, when you don’t truly want it… it’ll bring you lots of pain.

6. Don’t suppress your feelings

Hate the fact that your partner cheated on you? You don’t need to be a goody-two-shoes in this situation.

After all, they didn’t think about your feelings either. So, let out the bitterness and move on.

7. Don’t prioritize others’ expectations

Your family might suggest that you stay back with your cheating partner, but if you love your partner, leave the third party and stay married.

However, if your partner is abusive or toxic and you wanna leave the marriage, that’s your answer.

Sometimes your loved ones might forget about your happiness for religion, culture, honor, and so on. Focus on your happiness and don’t listen to others’ comments over your own.

8. Don’t threaten them with the relationship

If your partner fell in love and cheated on you, they’re not innocent. However, don’t make them choose between you and the other one.

Think about why it went wrong and find the solutions accordingly. Is this person even worth throwing the fit over? If they choose you today, will they really stay forever?

9. Don’t delay the decisions too far

In real life, love triangles don’t work out. Every love triangle ends with a harsh decision.

It will eventually happen, so call your shots sooner than later. If you delay it at all, you will eventually lead to a crisis.

10. Don’t try to keep both

You may be genuinely in love with both. And they may love you back as much. If they’re not ready to give up their monogamous life, don’t force them. They won’t be happy with that.

If one or both of your partners don’t wanna stay, let them leave. Forcing them into a relationship will only attract misery. Let nature roll and you’ll soon find happiness.

But I have more to say to all of you involved in this situation…

To the one in love with two,

Your situation and feelings are complicated… you don’t wholeheartedly love any of your partners. You can’t enjoy love or life in this situation. You’re denying both of them complete happiness.

You’re excited with two people’s attention… but that’s all, it’s not a fulfilling scenario as you can’t return them as much affection. Moreover, your guilty feelings don’t let you be happy either.

If the other person isn’t as compatible but makes your life spicy… that’s not the way to a loving relationship. To forget them, distance them and you’ll soon forget about the feelings.

If your steady partner doesn’t make you happy, leave them. Choose either of them and you’ll forget about the painful loss soon.

To the third party,

Being the other man/woman always hurts. You don’t get equal rights, go hush-hush about your relationship because of the world’s judgment, and share your lover because they have legal rights.

You did a crazy thing for love, but if the craziness hurts you… no point, mate.

If you want recognition and declare your love proudly, don’t stay back. You’re disrespecting yourself for being available for a taken person.

Ask them to choose someone, if they can’t, leave. Don’t look back, else you’ll never escape this maze. This is painful but time will surely heal you. Stay determined to lead a healthy life and love yourself.

To the faithfully committed partner,

This is a wretched time in your life. Your object of affection is showering their affections elsewhere.

You feel taken advantage of… so express it all out. Else, your partner might think this is acceptable behavior. Follow a no-contact period and ask your partner to make up their mind by then.

Unless your partner says they’re willing to commit to you exclusively… don’t tell them you’re ready to give them a chance. If they can’t, break up and get over it ASAP.

Found yourself in a love triangle? Don’t know what to do next? Let’s know it all here…

Things to do when you’re in a Love Triangle

Did you find you have feelings for a third party? Or, did you develop an attachment with a married/committed person? Things get a bit heavy and confusing the moment you come to terms with your own feelings.

So, let’s know the best path here…

1. Think about your next step

So, the inevitable happened… and there’s no point crying over spilled milk. Think carefully about what you want in your life.

Are you okay with staying in this relationship? Possibly not until you get exclusivity.

So, be very clear about your next step. How do you want your exclusive relationship?

Will this person do or do you want someone else? Don’t let others take control over your life and think for yourself.

2. Be optimistic; no negative self-talk

Think your life is crashing down? Or, that you’ll never find someone who loves you alone? I feel you…

So embrace positivity with good books – which has nothing to do with romance – watch your fave movie all by yourself, catch up with friends, do something you always wanted to.

Go all out about the things you love.

3. Respect both of their feelings

Are two people fighting for your love? That’s flattering but don’t take pride in that. Don’t enjoy the fight over your heart.

If you truly have feelings for either, accept them. Love isn’t a competition… you don’t leap from person to person for more love. You grow your love with one person with effort.

4. Have a one-night stand

Sometimes, you might confuse sexual satisfaction with love. If you’re with this person you’re not supposed to be and having sex, stop for a while.

Have one-night stands with strangers – not with your ex or someone you crushed on. If you feel the thirst for this person a bit less, it was possibly sexual frustration.

5. Try dating once again

If you’re either a third party or a loyal partner, sign up on your fave dating app, swipe right, and chat with more people. Know how it feels to be desired.

You don’t have to force yourself to date others in real life. But if you wanna casually date, be honest about your situation. Feel the excitement of seeing someone exclusively.

You never know… you might find someone who’ll entirely commit to you.

Wondering how or why love triangles happen in marital relationships? We have the answers here…

Love Triangle and Marriage

When the committed partners are married, things become complicated one notch higher. It’s not just because of innocent and accidental feelings.

It’s a psychological issue in human beings. In marriage, a love triangle may take form in either of two…

1. Husband. Wife. Wife’s partner.

In love triangle psychology, this is an all-time classic. Possibly the woman felt undesired and looked outside for happiness. She didn’t specifically want to hurt her husband.

Women are emotionally weak when their partner doesn’t pay them attention. She draws such pleasure from feeling important from the other person. Perhaps, the woman doesn’t plan to stay behind for too long either.

The lover knows that she won’t stay for long and doesn’t plan to invest emotions in the relationship. They don’t receive true love either.

The husband’s role is vital because if he notices his wife and pays attention… she’ll undoubtedly return by his side. Else, this situation might lead to a divorce.

2. Husband. Wife. Husband’s partner.

The husband is spending time with the lover. He’s drowning in secret pleasure and romance. Trying out something forbidden turns him on.

He becomes completely devoted to the new lover because he’s bored of the same old routine relationship.

He gets her many surprises but he knows there’s no future. He knows only his wife can support his lifestyle. He can’t emotionally invest in a new relationship so he continues to be an unfaithful husband.

However, let’s know what the TV shows or movies depict about this, here…

Love Triangles and Movies or TV shows

Love triangle plot lines came in Shakespearean plays in the 17th century and in books around the 19th century. It was always in the top 10 TV shows or movies.

You’ll find plenty of love triangle examples in operas, plays, TV shows, and movies. It began earliest in the 17th century with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night.

Other classics from authors like Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, and Alexandre Dumas gained popularity in the 19th century. In the film and TV section, this genre always made its place in the top 10.

Wondering why it appears so appealing on the big screen? Your answer is waiting here…

Why do love triangles work in TV shows or movies?

In TV and films, love triangles always attract more viewers with the drama and different pairings. They make great profits with lengthy dramatic series. However, it’s never enough to pull it all off. Always, some tragedy or hardship of the protagonist accompanies it.

Well, in reality, love triangles never work… but they work out on screen quite unbelievably.

In TV shows and movies, it creates controversy, viewers side with different couples… There are literally wars among fans of the different pairs. This is a great hype for the story and increases its popularity.

Viewers want more of it and creators draw gain from making never-ending series. Viewers are always at the edge imagining the conclusion.

Love triangles also help stretch the story arc and make a foundation for romance shows and movies.

But love triangles never work out all alone. There’s always some fight in the protagonist’s life like death risks, identity issues, or life turmoil. This helps the viewers sympathize with the fickle-minded protagonist better.

Speaking of entertainment, wanna check some shows and films on this? Check this out…

20 Best Love Triangles in TV and Movies

Love triangles were there in romcoms, supernatural, sci-fi, and many other genres.

At some point, the media showed passionate love as a must-have ingredient of their shows. And other times, they turn up the heat and add a love triangle like these…

1. Friends

Chandler, delaying his proposal to find the perfect moment in his weird ways, pushed Monica towards her ex-boyfriend, Richard who was willing to give her whatever she wanted.

2. Dawson’s Creek

Dawson believed his best friend Joey was his soulmate, but she had her eyes on another friend, Pacey. Though he had the creek, he was far from her heart.

3. The O.C.

Marisa had fallen for Ryan but she had to compete with Theresa, his long-time childhood best friend, and sometimes far more than that.

4. Scandal

Olivia knew she would lose someone either way when she got infatuated with both Fitz and Jake. I mean talk about falling in between two stools.

5. Friday Night Lights

Lyla fell for her boyfriend’s best friend Tim, after a horrible accident even though she was crazily in love with Jason before. That was a shocker for all of them.

6. Sex and the City

Carrie was utterly in love with Big. Yet Aiden comes and brings a spicy side to her life. This love triangle even went on in the films.

7. Younger

Liza started both relationships with a lie, yet she felt a bond with both Josh and Charles. But clearly, both of their intentions were quite different.

8. One Tree Hill

Peyton and Brooke were the best of the best friends until Lucas came into the picture and made them both fall for him.

9. Gossip Girl

It began with Blair’s crazy love for Nate, but things don’t go great all the time. Soon her heartstrings tugged for his best friend, Chuck.

10. Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason

Mark And Daniel took it to the streets fighting over Bridget. Some say it’s one of the most attractive love triangles in film history. Why don’t you put forth your thoughts?

11. Beverly Hills, 90210

Dylan couldn’t decide between Brenda and her best friend, Kelly. He was torn in between one of those old-school love triangles that no one can get enough of.

12. While You Were Sleeping

Peter fell into a coma after Lucy, who thought she loved him, tried saving him. Unexpectedly she found she fell for Peter’s brother Jack while he was in a coma.

13. Titanic

Rose was an upper-class wealthy woman, already engaged to Cal, a perfect match in her family’s eyes, but she was more into Jack, a free-spirited guy, who was poor but won a trip on Titanic.

14. Love Actually

Mark holding up cards to profess his love for Juliet while playing that cassette on Christmas eve was one of the most romantic scenes ever, but unfortunately, she got married to Peter.

15. Alex Strangelove

Alex planned to lose his virginity to his girlfriend, Claire, but then he met Elliot… a gay who was openly into Alex. Alex also kinda feels something but he is also not sure. Awkward!!

16. Sweet Home Alabama

Melanie had to get a divorce from her estranged husband Jake, her childhood sweetheart when her suave/rich/dreamy boyfriend proposed to her. But old sparks ignite and now she has to choose between them.

17. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

The Twilight series is one big love triangle epic, but things get real in the third movie, when Bella has to choose between a broody vampire, Edward, and a slightly more chill werewolf, Jacob.

18. The Notebook

Allie and Noah’s epic love story is certainly one of the most beloved ones in television history. None can forget their rain kiss moment when Allie was engaged to the nice but not just the one Lon.

19. Dostana

Can’t leave Bollywood out, can we? Sam and Kunal pretend to be a gay couple to sublet space in Neha’s amazing apartment, but both ended up falling for the beautiful Neha, who is oblivious to all of this.

20. My Best Friend’s Wedding

Michael was Julianne’s best friend. He is all set to marry Kimberly. The only issue was that Julianne didn’t realize she was in love with him.

Thinking it’s just for movie lovers? Nah… check out more of these…

20 Books on Love Triangles that you must read

My dear bibliophiles, this spicy ingredient didn’t leave behind your precious paperbacks either. So, if you wanna indulge in some forbidden love, or simply wanna know how they work it out in the stories… this might be all you need…

1. Love & Other Natural Disasters (Misa Sugiura)

Nozomi wanted to fall in real love in the summer. She became Willow’s fake girlfriend… to make her ex jealous. It all turned out disastrously well in the end.

2. Blackout (Dhonielle Clayton, Tiffany D. Jackson, Nic Stone, Angie Thomas, Ashley Woodfolk, and Nicola Yoon)

In NYC, at night, something different brews after nightfall. Relationships between old friends and even toxic exes change into something totally unexpected. A story about blossoming love with confusion.

3. Loveboat, Taipei (Abigail Hing Wen)

Ever Wong enjoys her summer with free hook-ups. Her program allows her to legally be involved in multiple relationships. This will be an unforgettable summer for all students.

4. If You, Then Me (Yvonne Woon)

A girl – dates online through intelligence apps – finds that her crush and her classmate aka flirting partner are all enrolled in the same app incubator. This is only the beginning of her confusion.

5. Hot British Boyfriend (Kristy Boyce)

Ellie faced a humiliating public rejection and fled for England. She begins her journey to build her confidence from scratch – by dating a hot British with her “friend’s” help.

6. Felix Ever After (Kacen Callender)

Felix Lover – never been in love – because he’s a black trans. Amidst transphobic scenarios, he finds himself in a love triangle and soon understands his feelings.

7. The Beholder (Anna Bright)

Selah, after a miserable public rejection, sails from Potomac to England to find suitors. Despite her stepmother’s ultimatum to return and other schemes, she found more than a happily ever after.

8. Love in English (Maria E. Andreu)

An Argentinian girl in New Jersey meets a boy who teaches her English. While spending time with another boy she finds out the language of love is far more confusing than English grammar.

9. The Selection (Kiera Cass)

A fairy tale romance surrounding one prince and his 35 suitors. However, one of the girls doesn’t want this because she can’t betray her long-time lover… However, after meeting the prince, she isn’t sure anymore.

10. Beautiful Wild (Anna Godbersen)

Vida knows all too well about her future relationship. However, she’s torn between Sal and Fitz and an unimagined and unseen future.

11. 99 Days by Katie Cotugno

A girl spends 99-day summer vacation with the same boy she broke the heart of – for her brother. However, her mind becomes a mess these days.

12. Faith: Taking Flight (Julie Murphy)

Faith, a completely regular teen volunteers in the animal shelter and daydreams about her crush. Soon, a TV actress shows interest in her and her teen romance takes a different turn.

13. Clockwork Angel (Cassandra Clare)

Tessa on her quest to find her brother knows she can shapeshift into other humans. During her crazy life, she finds herself crushing on her two best friends.

14. Furyborn (Claire Legrand)

Eliana and Rielle fight to find Eliana’s lost mother, against the dirty politics of the empire. During this journey, she comes across many unexpected stories about their fate.

15. The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)

A crazy romance amidst fighting a deadly game – hunter games. Katniss felt helpless when she had to represent her district to contend in this game.

16. When We Caught Fire (Anna Godbersen)

Emmeline’s father suddenly became rich and got her engaged to an eligible bachelor. She’s happy with her life but she can’t seem to forget her childhood lover.

17. Delirium (Lauren Oliver)

In an alternate universe, love is a deadly disease in the US. The government forces all 18+ to undergo a procedure – cure. But Lena still falls in love before getting treatment.

18. The Crown’s Game (Evelyn Skye)

Vika is one of the only two enchanters in Russia. She is eager to become the Imperial Enchanter. She is the beauty with the brains that every opponent falls in love with.

19. Vampire Academy (Richelle Mead)

Lissa, a mortal vampire, gets protection from Rose, her best friend, from the fierce vampire, Strigoi. Strigoi soon caught them and they entered the land of the forbidden temptations.

20. Red Queen (Victoria Aveyard)

Mare – a poor thief – finds out about her supernatural abilities. The king wants to hide her whereabouts and makes her play a lost princess. Though a dangerous situation, her heart is involved in impossible ways.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Whether you just found yourself in this crazy situation or have been in it for a long time, there’s no happy ending to it… unless you try a polyamorous relationship.

If you think you love both partners equally, consider changing your relationship style. Have an honest conversation and see if your committed partner is up for it.

If you think you want your partner all to yourself, think again, will you really be happy?

If you’re involved with someone taken, are you really alright without the public recognition and labels?

Folks, think again before stepping this way… because it hardly ends with the onscreen flowers.

What is a Love Triangle? Everything You Need To Know (2024)


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